Server Features

Max level is 60 and skills are episode 4. Max equip is goddess, but you can choose the graphic you prefer thanks to the many costumes we offer. As you start the game you'll notice many differences with other private servers, first off the love that we have put in every detail of website and game. We really hope that you'll enjoy the many items we give you at the beginning and the way the exp and farm is, for finally go in one of the 3 battlefield and show your strenght.


Exping is an important part of shaiya, allow the player to get confident with the server and we decided to make it as fun and remunerative as possible.


You'll need to exp only first character, after you'll be able to select the level of your toons!


We decided to keep similar drops to US server, it means that the main farm items are gears, weapons, enchant items, lapises and Farm Points that replace unused items.
Our wish is that there will be many different gears in game and different selection of weapons as it was on Official server and we really hope you'll have fun into discovering back all the various minis and bosses of the many dungeons.

Make money is very easy: gears, weapons and enchantement items have selling value multiplied by ten.


The best PvP was when everyone had different equipment and for this we tried to make it unique.

It's our desire to make this memory live again, bringing back beautiful pvp in all pvp zones!


"Farm Points" can be used to purchase items in the in-game Itemmall. There are all needed items you need, like: runes, hammers, lapisias, various bags and boxes, balsams and much more..

"Story Points" can be bought on our Web Shop and can be used to get costumes and costumizable items.

Player Commands

/effects off Disable effects in game.
/effects on enable effects in game.
/optimize off Improve fps of game quality.
/optimize on Original fps quality.
/wh Open warehouse.
/bank Open bank.
/sell Open market for sell your items.