Player Ethics Rules

Here are listed our rules, it is very important that each player respects these rules so we can have a pleasant community.

Rules of conduct & communication

You should treat other players with respect and be polite, you are not allowed to insult another player or harass them. Inappropriate behavior including provoking or harassment in any manner including private messages or all chats is forbidden, this also includes threats, extortion, and false accusations, in specific:

  • Use any kind of offensive language
  • Impersonation of other players or staff members
  • Spam in any common Chat

If you are a victim or witness of messages that do not respect our ethics, please immediately send us screenshots so that we can promptly take action.

PvE Rules

Our main intention is to keep peace in our world and for this to happen we decided to keep these PVE Rules:

  • Kill stealing from someone who arrived first is forbidden
  • Loot system settings are up to raid lead expept for events where need to be setted on "Group Loot"

If you are a victim or witness of kill steal, contact us with video so that we can take action.

PvP Rules

Please keep in mind that you can be killed when you enter a pvp zone. The towns are safezones and you can't be attacked there, leave them at your own risk.

Loot system setting must be setted on "Group Loot" during all bosses and events.

Any form of kill stat padding is strictly forbidden and will be hardly punished.


It is forbidden to log in two different accounts simultaneously. Also, you are not allowed to use a spy toon or have another opposite faction account logged in or present on any map your other account is, except for trade purposes.

Exceptions(Things a player is allowed to do): Running two accounts on two different computers and using it for trade/transfer purposes or having one character in a shop mode and another in pvp/farming.


Apart from some exceptions in events, a GM won’t give any items, gold or buffs to players. They won’t help you with leveling or spawn monsters for you. Forcing a GM to give any of those mentioned above is not tolerated.

It is not allowed to provide false information to GMs, to provide false informations can bring to a ban.


Here you can find a list of possible actions in response to rules violations:

  • temporary ban which may last from 24 hours up to a month
  • permanent ban for all more serious violations.
  • stat-padding will have kill count reset and necessary punishment


Do not hesitate to take screenshots or videos of players that are not acting according to the rules and report them. We cannot take action if miss the evidence.

The Administrator have the right to act independently, according to his own judgment, to make sure that everyone is acting according to the rules and that no one is being disturbed.

Every player is obligated to read the rules and to act in accordance with them. Violations will be met with appropriate punishments.