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First server that bring back original gameplay

Based on episode 4
with episode 7 contents

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We are here to provide the best shaiya experience ever!

Game Play

Are you ready to live back the good old times? Here you'll find all features from original episode 4 improved to give you the best player experience.


Thanks to our style, you can farm anywhere in the game and get useful items! The "Farm Point" (world drop) replace the Aeria Points and allow you to buy any item in the IM.

Become a legend
Player vs Player

PvPing has neever been so useful and cool! Thanks to our PvP Reward all 3 battlezones are importants to be played. Reach top classification for many more rewards!

Get more
Battle Pass

Every month a new Battle Pass event run containing many items. For achive them you need "Battle Points" and decide if you want to win only basic awards or get a "Vip Battle Pass" for get all of them.

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Our codes
in game contents

We are proud to announce that we are using the lastest game features for give you the best game experience, here some details:

  • Client Episode 7
  • 150 Slots in Raid
  • Elemental color on Skill Bar
  • 3rd Skill Bar available
Website informations

The website has been created to be user friendly and have all important scripts for a Shaiya lover:

  • Advanced Drop List
  • Complete Boss Record
  • OI times within your Time Zone
  • New GvG Ranking system
  • Professional area member
  • Email Confirmation required
  • Secure Vote System
security measures

For us the security is the most important part for guarantee a safe gameplay, here some of our security measures:

  • Anti Cheat Advanced System
  • Different location for web and game hosting
  • Anti DOS up to 10GB bandswitch
  • Website and Database connected using PDO connection

We use hyperfilter as host to guarantee the highest level of security.

Frequently Asked Questions
What I need to know
Why the server is episode 4?
We feel that episode 4 is the most balanced about exp / farm / pvp, for this we decided to make this episode live again.
How hard is to reach level 60?
The exp has been boosted x 10 and you can buy "Exp Runes" using the Farm Points, remember when you exp you farm Gold and useful items.
where can I gain gold?
You can gain gold from all general mobs that drop weapons and gears, their selling value has been boosted.
When can I start to PvP?
there is no restriction in the battlezones, so you can start to PvP when you feel ready to try out your equipment and prove yourself.
Is there a Shop Mall?
The game is "Play to Win", the shop in-game include all needed items for upgrade your gears and works with Farm Points. The web shop contain only marginal items that don't affect the gameplay.
What is the Battle Pass?
Every month we have a new Battle Pass Event with undiscovered awards, as reward for your goals and loyalty. More you play, farming and pvping and more "Battle Points" you get, don't miss it!